Upcoming Events!

Events are what the Coloma Players are all about! We put on plays in either the spring or fall (or both!) and have recently begun "Improv Nights". We hope to see you there and put a smile on your face.

For more information, call Guy Kaplan 715-228-3662 or Carl Merola 715-249-3024.

You can also find more information about upcoming events at MADSTAGE.

Here's what Marty Katzmarek has to say about Improv Night!

"The Coloma Players are always looking to stretch out to find new ways to make people laugh and have a good time. We are now experimenting with “Improvisational Night” or “Improv Night”. For those of you who are unfamiliar with improv, let me explain. Think of improv as a zany, very short, and hopefully funny skit that is completely spontaneous and unrehearsed. There is no script; the actors create the dialog and action as the scene progresses. The audience participates by writing or shouting out suggestions that help us to set up situations or scenarios that we try to act out. These situational skits are always unplanned, sometimes irreverent and maybe a bit off-color. These skits have a beginning, middle and even sometimes an ending. What is important is that the audience and the actors are working together to create theatre.

Last year was our first performance in the Hancock Community Center. Our second was an invitation to perform at the Ripon Library, and the third occasion was a fantastically fun time at the Coloma Coffee House. Our next performance will again be in Hancock this February 24th - it will be our fourth improv show.
With each show, our players become more comfortable and familiar with the demands of improvisation. Improv is so much fun that it seems strange to think there are any demands involved at all. But if the audience is to understand the scene the actors must demonstrate good communication skills. I must pay attention as to how the improv scene is developing by listening carefully to what is being said and performed by the other actors, not concentrate only on what I am going to say next. It’s also great to shed those creeping inhibitions that reduce confidence and limit thinking clearly and quickly. Improv meets those inhibitions head on and forces me to overcome those “I can’t do this” feeling.

I love to hear the audience laughing: and when I know people are enjoying the show, I feel our players are creating something terrific. Something that is enjoyed by all -- actors and audience. I hope you can join us and have some fun at our next performance! "

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