Our Sordid Past
In case you missed any of our shows, here's a glimpse into our sordid past.

Rasputin on the Ritz
Spring 2007

By Becky Schumacher


The Players:

Back Row: Marie Boleman, Taj Schumacher, Scott Flegner, Raven Krupnow, Guy Kaplan, Ryan Novak, Julie Cox, Jennifer Peterson

Front Row: Carl Merola, Lauretta Kaplan, Tammi Kenton


The play which received its first reading last summer at the Rhinelander School of the Arts is the story of a community theater preparing for their presentation of a play based on the life of Rasputin. The characters will be familiar to anyone familiar with small town theater groups.

The cast of the latest production by the group is disgruntled because the male lead is always the director’s talentless son. When it is discovered that a famous director’s talent scout is coming to their community, it becomes imperative that they get rid of the idiot in their midst. This leads to much mayhem and hilarity.

Will's Will
Fall 2006
By Lauretta Kaplan



The Players:


Back Row: Vicki Zdroik, Guy Kaplan, Dwight Bowman, Marie Boleman, Dale Kongslie


Front Row: Jack Eyers, Jennifer Peterson, Becky Schumacher, Marty Katzmarek

Will's Will is a comedy of deceit and greed over who will inherit the fortune of the great pickle king, William Williams. The action take place in the William's mansion at the reading of the will.

A Bad Year for Tomatoes
Spring 2006

The Players:


Back Row: Julie Cox, Guy Kaplan,Carl Merola, and Marty Katzmarek.


Front row: Alice Choate, Becky Schumacher and Karen Ackerson.

  The famous actress Myra Marlowe is trying to write her autobiography in a small town setting where every happening is getting in her way. She invents a twin sister to scare of the neighbors but that only backfires.


A Christmas Carol
Winter 2005


The Players:

Back Row: Jack Eyers, Marty Katzmarek, Vicki Zdroik, and Carl Merola.

Front row: Taj Schumacher, Becky Schumacher, and Jennifer Peterson


It's The Plumber!
Spring 2005

By Lauretta Kaplan


The Players:

Back Row: Dale Kongslie, Marty Katzmarek, Jennifer Peterson, Jack Eyers, Carl Merola, Julie Cox, and Taj Schumacher

Front row: Becky Schumacher and Marie Boleman.

Lily is a professor and author who has written a best selling how-to book for women who find themselves suddenly single; she is now working on a book about renovating an old house. With a deadline looming, she is hoping for some peace and quiet so she can work. Her plan is derailed when she is suddenly inundated with uninvited company; everyone in her family seems to be going through a crisis, and Lily’s is the perfect shoulder to cry on. How will Lily deal with the intruders? Will she meet her deadline? Will she join the neighborhood watch? Just who is this plumber guy, anyway?


The Butler Did It
Fall 2004

The Players:

Back Row: Meg McCullough, Samuel Maasz, Jack Eyers, Dale Kongslie, Guy Kaplan, Marty Katzmarek, and Pat Glinski


Front row: Susan Maasz, Becky Schumacher, and Jennifer Peterson.


Epic Proportions
Spring 2004


The Players:

Back Row: Marty Katzmarek, Erick Kenton, Sarah Helms, Ryan Pollard, Guy Kaplan

Front Row: Tammi Kenton, Linda Cartwright,Jack Eyers, Dwight Bowman


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