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Of course, the best way to support us is to come and see us at one of our events! But there are other ways to show your support

Get Involved!


In the production of any play, there are many behind the scenes jobs to be filled. For anyone wanting to get involved in community theater without actually going on stage, we have a job for you.

If you have an artistic side, set design and construction or costuming might be what you’re looking for.
For those with a technical leaning, we need lights and sound people.

Are you organized? Maybe props is your job.

If you want to help out but not be backstage, you might make a good house manager.

Publicity, ticket sales, and ushering are other important jobs to be filled.

If you would like to help us out backstage, please come to the auditions and let us know how you would be interested in helping.

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